Sunset At 4 Peaks

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Earlier this week the Phoenix area got hit with several days of heavy rain which lead to snow above 5,000 feet.  In a nutshell that meant road trip to the 4 Peaks area.  I was joined by my buddies Mike Olbinski and Bryan Snider for this sunset feast.

Upon arrival I scouted out several areas hoping for that killer shot.  Mike and Bryan were doing the same.  The one thing that always gets you for sunset shots is you wish you could be in about 10 different locations at once.  The light goes fast so you don’t get the option of moving around.  Of course this means you just have to come back and try out a new spot.

For this shot I would of loved for Mother Nature to have moved those clouds off of the top of 4 Peaks so the snow would of been highlighted even better.  But she was finicky that evening and we all know you don’t mess with Mother Nature.

Until next time…


Camera: Canon 40D with a Canon 28-135 zoom

Processing: Lightroom 3, CS4, Phototools 2.6






  1. Beautifully captured Chris. The light is phenomenal.

  2. Beautiful shot Chris. The light is amazing and the clouds actually add a lot of mystery to those mountains.

  3. Beautiful colors and light Chris!

  4. Just beautiful my friend! Love the light.

  5. This is one sweet image man. Perfect!

  6. Nice shot! I also wish the clouds were not in the way of four peaks. All day they were visible up until that moment, but all in all it worked out.

  7. Seriously, just a gorgeous shot. I like how you framed the cactus in front to add a nice touch of depth.

  8. You successfully captured the sunset scene. I agree to the previous comments that the photo is really beautiful. I love how the clouds complement and try to blend with the sky. Canon camera is definitely a good camera to capture clear images.

  9. The colors are just magical here man!

  10. This is a pretty amazing shot, Chris. Beautiful colors.

  11. That is a gorgeous light you’ve captured Chris!

  12. Lovely



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