Beginning Photography Class

A top view of a Canon camera mode dial.

Do you have a shiny new camera?  Does it have a bunch of buttons you have no idea what they do?  Has it stayed on the green box since the day you bought it? If you are ready to get off “auto mode” then I have a class for you.  Come join me for a fun hands on learning experience!  We will cover the basics and more. Classroom time will be followed up with a mini photowalk around Chandler to practice what we learned. Along the way I’ll be sharing tips and tricks to help you take better pictures.  Regardless if you are a mom just wanting to take better pictures of your kids or have been shooting for a bit, you’ll leave with a better understanding of how to use your camera to capture the world.

Class Details

  • When: November 10th, 1-6pm
  • Where: Gangplank, downtown Chandler AZ
  • What: bring your DSLR camera, at least one lens and a willingness to learn
  • Note: this class is geared for those who have a DSLR type camera.  You are welcome to bring a point and shoot but do know that topics will cover more of the DSLR type of camera.
  • Parking: this map shows you where to park in relation to Gangplank.  Parking is on the east side of Arizona Avenue just north of the Circle K.  You enter the parking garage from Frye and Washington Streets.  Once parked, walk toward Arizona Avenue and use the crosswalk that takes you dirctly across the street to Gangplank
  • Cost: $100    Early bird discount of 15% if you register before October 1st.

The class size will be limited to 10 students to maintain a more interactive learning experience.

Contact me here if you have additional questions.  I can also be reached by phone at 480-223-8615.

Come join the fun!!!