A little boy playing at the park.

Click the pic for a bigger view of Cole

Today’s post is the complement of last week’s Swimmer image.  That shot was of my daughter at her swim meet.  So to keep balance in the family today I’m posting a shot of my 3 year old Cole playing at a local park.

The thing I love about this simple shot is the expression on his face.  It is so natural and represents the innocence of a child at play.  I felt fortunate to get this one as my kids have a tendency to hide from the camera.  They will typically let me get one shot and then after that it becomes a photo hunt to get another.  I guess they are trying to make me a better photographer by only giving me one chance.  That or they just like to aggravate dad. 🙂

So where does the name Cole Bear come from?  A day care attendant in Telluride CO nicknamed him that on one of our ski trips and it stuck.

Until next time..