snow in the Arizona desert


What is it about snow in the Arizona desert? Most likely it is because it rarely happens.

Snow in the Arizona Desert

Back on New Year’s Day we had a rare treat here in the valley of the sun, snow. Yes, the white stuff that is blanketing much of the midwest and the east coast as this post is being written. We had a decent dusting that lasted for the better part of the day. Since I have lived here for the past 15 years I’ve only seen this a total of four times. Pretty rare event.

I moved here from the midwest (Kansas) which seeing snow isn’t a rare event. Back there we would get blowing snow storms coupled with vicious cold temperatures. Daytime temperatures of -15 degrees with wind chills of -30 were not too uncommon. That kind of weather I do not miss at all. But I will confess that I do miss the snow as crazy as that sounds. Being out in it as the snowflakes fall is something I always enjoyed while growing up. My love for snow falling transcended to ski trips we would take to Colorado. Skiing while the snow is coming down on a mountain is truly magical. The quietness that overtakes the mountain while making fresh tracks makes the whole trip worth it. Of course snow in the Arizona desert is pretty special too.

I have a few more images to process from New Year’s Day with the snowfall, if you can really call it that. Seeing saguaro cactus and cholla plants covered in a heavy wet snow is such a contrast. It really is fun to see and sort of seems unreal. I’m hoping we will get one more dusting before winter is over. Typically we will get some snow in the higher mountains surrounding Phoenix with a March storm. Let’s hope it happens so we can have snow in the Arizona desert one more time this year.