Headshot Photography Is Critical

Social media pages and corporate websites are the face to the customer.  Working professionals now more than ever need a good headshot.  Let us handle your headshot photography needs for your website or social media page. Don’t settle for some point and shoot camera shot taken by your admin. Hire a professional who understands lighting and posing to create a professional photograph for you and your staff.

Professionals, musicians and actors are not the only ones these days needing headshot photography. Your next job search will most likely come from an online search through social media. Chris Frailey Photography will work with you to determine the desired look and image you wish to portray.  An attorney’s headshot will be far different than that of a musician or performer. Chris Frailey will make certain that your photograph accurately portrays the image and message that you desire.

Put your best face forward with quality headshot photography.

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