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Fitness model holding a dumbbell.
Fitness model playing with her hair.
Fitness model doing a tricep pushdown with a rope.
Fitness model curling a dumbbell at a gym.

What to Expect

I typically do an online consult with each client to determine what they are after. Is it portfolio building for their website so they can show their best physique? Perhaps they are growing their social media and want something far beyond the average cell phone selfie. We will hash it out and determine if a studio session or an on-location fits your needs (or both).

Studio or on-location sessions are up two hours long. Plan to go through about 4-6 outfits as we will get you a variety of images to obsess over .

What to Wear

Fitness attire of course is always my client’s first choice. Typcally a sport / job bra top and workout (booty) shorts. The goal is to show off your hard work. Don’t be afraid to throw in one or two lifestyle looks if you want to look great out of gym clothes. This can take on something simple as jean shorts and a top, or go all out in a cocktail dress. 

Young female fitness athlete posing in studio.
Female fitness athlete posing in red sports attire.
On location fitness model posing in the desert.
Fitness model posing in studio with colored lights.


As a fitness photographer I’m proud to offer clients a choice of studio or on-location. For studio I have choices available in Mesa and Tempe that are both located near major freeways for easy access. Your favorite music will be cranking away as strobes light up that amazing physique you have carved out.

On-location we have so many choices here in the Phoenix area. From gritty urban areas with graffati to open desert and everything in-between we will get you in some great locations. I like to shoot near sunset to take advantage of the golden hour for the best light. If your schedule needs something different I’m happy to accomodate.


I’ve never had pro photos taken, will you help guide me?

Absolutely. Many of my clients have never been in front of a professional photographer. I’m here to help you look your best!

Can you help us pick a location?

Sure can. I have a mile long list of locations.

I would love to go to Sedona for my session. Do you travel?

I do. There will be a trip charge outside the Phoenix area.

Can we bring our pets?

Absolutely if we are on-location in a pet friendly area! I’m a huge dog fan.

Can I bring a friend to the session to watch?

Absolutely! All that I ask is they don’t interfere during the shoot.

Speaking of outfits, how many should I bring?

I always suggest 6-8 so you have a variety on the day of the shoot. Sometimes when we get started you just don’t feel one of them so it’s good to have options.

I would love to have professional hair and makeup done. Do you have recs?

I do and can provide you with several options.

I have a few more questions.

Alright, let’s get those answered. You can contact me using our contact us page, or at 480-223-8615, or [email protected]

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