Outdoor Family Photos You Will Cherish

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Brother and sister standing near a trail marker.
Brother and sister posing on rocks.

Getting Ready

Family photos doesn’t have to be complicated or boring. A few things to consider when getting ready for your session. Schedule times that are best for the youngest in the family. This will help ensure they are at their best. Haircuts should be done about a week ahead of time if possible Matching clothes are fun for photos, but are not necessary.


Choosing clothes for everyone can be a daunting task. One way to keep it simple is matching outfits for everyone. A classic white shirt and khakis is always a favorite. However family members may want to show their own style and it’s a perfect way to capture those moments in their life. Typically solid colors tend to photograph better than striped patterns, but that is more of a suggestion than a hard rule.

Mom and daughter holding hands on a hiking trail.
Mother standing behind her daughter.
Little girl petting a goat.


We are blessed here in Arizona with so many choices for outdoor family photos. Naturally we have our desert and cactus, but there is so much more. Downtown Phoenix offers that big city urban vibe, while surrounding areas have plenty of parks with trees for a more natural feel. The botanical garden or an afternoon at the zoo both make for awesome photos! The possibilities are endless!!!


How long is a session?

They typically go for about an hour.

We are not sure where to have our pictures taken, can you help?

Absolutely. I can provide a list of great spots!

We have a big family. Is that a problem?

It is not. The more the merrier!

Can we bring our pets?

Absolutley! I’m a huge dog fan.

How much are sessions?

Your session fee is $150. Digital prints and printed products are additional purchases.

How long until we get our photos?

Your photos are delivered back to you within two weeks of the proof viewing session via an online gallery for digital and printed products.

What happens after the shoot?

We will schedule a time for you to come in about a week after the shoot to view your proofs and pick your favorites to purchase.

We have a few more questions.

Alright, let’s get those answered. You can contact me using our contact us page, or at 480-223-8615, or [email protected]

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