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From Behind The Camera

I offer a complete studio experience. Perhaps you have looked for

“studio photography near me”

only to be disappointed with the results. With over 10 years of experience, I know the correct poses and lighting setups to help you look your best. I’ve worked with a wide range of people such as actors, lawyers, models, and got them the images they needed to succeed.

Studio Experience

Every session begins with a consultation to define what you are after. We will plan out your looks, discuss wardrobe, and go over hair and makeup options. When you arrive at the studio your faovorite music will be playing to set the mood. For the next hour you will be front and center rocking your best looks as the strobes fire away. 

Wardrobe Options

Wardrobe selection is a key element to any photo shoot. You want your looks to match what your end goal is for your pictures. This is why we do a pre-shoot consultation to ensure we get what you want. Perhaps you are a dancer, and need help on style and color choices of the dresses you want to wear. We will go over every idea you have and find the perfect fit. 

Posing and Lighting

This is where I thrive. I’m a total lighting geek. I live for ligthing my clients with the best techiques to maximize  their look. If you have no experience at all in posing, don’t worry as I will lead you through the session. For those who are experienced, rest assured the session flow will not stop while you hit every pose. 

After the Shoot

Once we have finished, we will schedule a proofing review session 1-2 weeks out. At that time all of your amazing images will be presented for you to review and pick out your favorites for purchase. Digital collections and print products will be available to make ordering easier. Once your selections are made, I will finish out the edits on those and have them delivered within three weeks. Digital collections are delivered through an online gallery that you will be able to download from and share with anyone you choose. 


How long is a studio session?

They typically go for about an hour.

I’ve never modeled before, can you help me pose?

Absolutely. I will walk you through every pose if need be to make sure you look your best. No worries!

I want to go all out with hair and makeup, can you help me find someon?

I sure can. I’ve workded with several artists over the years.

We did the search for “studio photography near me” and found you. What makes you different?

With over 10 years in photography, I know how to represent my clients in the best manner possible. There is no ego when you walk into my studio. I listen to my clients and work with them on getting stellar imagery.

Speaking of outfits, how many should we bring?

That is totally up to you and we will discuss during the consultation. It generally falls into 3-5 outfits.

How long until we get our photos?

Your photos are delivered back to you within three weeks of the session via online gallery or delivery of printed products.

Do you do boudoir sessions?

I do. I keep things tasteful yet sexy. For those interested I have references I can provide as well as private galleries to show my style and how I shoot.

We have a few more questions.

Alright, let’s get those answered. You can contact me using our form, or at 480-223-8615, or [email protected] 


What they say

Chris Frailey is professional, talented and friendly. I’ve worked with him 3-4 separate times over the last four years and have always had a wonderful experience! We’ve shot cosplay, boudoir, hi-fashion and studio work. If you want great images, and are tired of searching for “studio photography near me”, I highly recommend working with Chris! If you question the validity of this legitimate review, feel free to stalk my Instagram so you can see our amazing pictures! 


I’ve worked with Chris Frailey several times and each time we have a great time! He makes you feel very comfortable and is very professional. You’ll get high quality photos and experience when working with Chris! 





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