A Rare Treat in AZ

Typically the weather in AZ has two descriptions, hot or nice.  And by hot I mean 115 in August.  And by nice I mean 75 on December 18th.  Occasionally we have rain but it never lasts more than a day.  So you can imagine the surprise and delight when we had fog!  Real genuine hard to drive in fog.

Granted most of the country would curse at this occurrence.  However I have only seen fog about 3 times in the past 12 years I’ve lived here.  So this was a treat.  Cool pictures were sure to happen.

Of course as luck would have it, my wife had a presentation to do in northern AZ.  She was out the door at 6:30am which left me with kid duty and taxi service.   Grrr, precious picture taking would have to wait.  Not what I wanted to hear.

After rattling the cages of our two monkeys I prepared the fastest breakfast a dad can, milk & cereal.  With breakfast eaten time to get our 3 year old dressed.  This is always a crap shoot as sometimes he goes with the first pick and sometimes not.  Luck was on my side as my first attempt was met with approval.  The 8 year old was dressed and brushing her teeth.

Last up was preparing lunches.  I could just envision the sun coming out now and burning off the fog as I spread peanut butter.  Grrr.  Loaded for the day we hit the garage and popped the door open.  Sweet! The sun was buried behind a massive layer of clouds so the fog was able to hang around.  I still had a chance for a few good brackets.

On the way to my daughter’s school we drove past a park that was blanketed with fog.  I could see the shot right there in front of me.  A choice had to be made.  Should I stop for a quick shot or two and risk my daughter being late or continue on and pray there would be enough time to get back.  Priorities. I decided to go on and drop her off on time and then drop my son off as well at his school.  This would allow me to shoot in peace assuming there was something still left to shoot.

Upon returning I saw that luck was still with me.  The fog had hung around for me.  It wanted to be photographed.  I could feel it.

Until next time…

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