The Year 2010 in Review

Wow, here we are December 31st 2010.  Hard to believe we are a full decade into the ’00s.  It doesn’t seem that long ago we were all worried about Y2K.  Somehow someway we survived and are staring at 2011.  Crazy.

This past year has been a big step for me in the photography world.  I made a small step from it being a hobby to taking on clients.  To say that it has been exciting would be an understatement.  For me this is the beginning of a dream come true.

It is only fitting that the year started out by meeting new photog friends.  First up was Lamont & Maki Hardy.  I was introduced to them at a friends new year’s eve party last year.  Lamont is an avid photog who I have had the pleasure shooting with on several occasions.  You can find his work at

Along with meeting Lamont I was introduced to Jackie Sutherland.  Jackie is so much fun to shoot with because she is always in a learning mode.  Perhaps its the engineer in her or just the desire to be a better photographer.  What ever the reason she makes us all better because we have to think.  You can find Jackie’s work at

Next up is Holly Baumann.  I was introduced to Holly by my wife.  Holly is an experienced photographer who does outstanding work.  Her blog ( is well written and I encourage all photographers to give it a read.  For her fantastic photography visit: Holly was gracious enough to allow me to 2nd shoot at the Children’s Action Alliance benefit.  The experience from that outing allowed me to land my own event client, AZ Society of Association Executives.

And as fitting as the year began it ends with me meeting one more photographer.  Through the power of social media (Twitter in this case) I met Mike Olbinski.  Mike specializes in weather and HDR photography.  I was able to meet up with Mike and a few of his photog friends this past week for a photo walk in downtown Phoenix.  It was great getting out and seeing Phoenix on foot with a camera in hand.  I’ve done a little urban photography but have never really gotten into it.  This past outing has sparked an interest into doing more of it.  When you get a chance stop by Mike’s website ( and prepare to be amazed by the AZ weather.

To everyone else who has helped me along the way let me say “Thank You”.  Most of all I would like to give the biggest “Thanx” to my wonderful wife Carol.  Your never ending patience with me while camera in hand goes beyond what should be expected.  I don’t recall “patience with photog husband” being in our vows, but somehow you’ve honored that and then some.  I’ll try to be better but make no promises. 🙂

Below you will find a few of my favorite pictures from this past year.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I had in making them.  To see more of my work, visit me at


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  1. Hey man, great to meet you this year as well and glad we got to connect in downtown Phoenix! I'm sure we'll meet up again down the road 🙂

  2. Chris – thanks for the kind words. Wait till you see where hard work takes you in the next couple years! Someday I will work for you. 😉 Best wishes in 2011.

  3. Mike, it was great meeting you as well. I'm looking forward to this year. Hopefully we can get together more than not. I love your work and look forward to dabbling in HDR photography.

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