Slug Bug

“Slug Bug”, my 7 year old yells out.  “I wanted that one” screams my 2 year old.  Yes, my kids have learned the ancient game of seeing a VW bug and crying out “slug bug”.  So now the game is a foot every time we get in the truck. What I find amazing (for now) is how they immediately start playing the game once we are underway.  I always seem to forget until the first bug is found.  And then I’m quickly reminded of being behind 0-1.

These silly games keep me young as I join in on the fun.  I even find myself yelling “slug bug” when driving alone.  But more importantly these silly games remind me of how time is passing by with my children.  Before long this game will pass as many others have.  My daughter will hit the teenage years and my wife and I will cease to exist.

My 2 year old still wrestles with me on the bed.  He loves to do a flying leap and land flat on top of me.  Not too many of these matches left.  Before long he’ll be into other things.  Hopefully good old Dad will still be a part of those things like basketball, baseball, and bike riding.

So the next time you see a bug go ahead and say it, you’ll be glad you did.

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