An Arizona Sunset for My Birthday

It’s your birthday, so what do you do?  Go out for a nice dinner?  Cake and ice cream?  Shopping?  Nah.  I do what any AZ photog would do…run to the desert and start shooting pictures.

I arrived at Lost Dutchman Park just slightly before sunset.  I was meeting a fellow photog, Chikku for the evening’s shoot.  While waiting for Chikku I snapped off a few setting sun shots.  The golden hour was afoot so the shutter was clicking.

What I was really hoping for were storms to roll in.  The forecast had a small chance so maybe I could get my lighting shot that I have been wanting all summer long.  That would be a sweet birthday present!

With the sun disappearing and the moon on the rise it was time to prepare for those long exposure shots.  I figured if the storms didn’t make it then I had a full moon to shoot.  As luck would have it, the clouds rolled in and blanked the moon.  So I had no moon and no storms.  Mother Nature is stingy with the gift giving.  What she did give me was a decent setting sun.

Thank you Mother.

Setting sun seen from Lost Dutchman Park

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