San Diego's Skyline

The Colors of San Diego’s Skyline

San Diego's Skyline

The view of San Diego’s skyline is hard to beat. Couple that with their gorgeous beaches, amazing weather, and unlimited activities and you will know why it’s one of my favorite cities.

 San Diego’s Skyline Provides a Colorful View

Back at the first of January my wife and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary with a long weekend in San Diego. We were able to leave the kids at home with my wife’s mother so that meant a kid free trip. Woohoo!!! It’s not often we are able to score a trip like this so we planned to make the most of it.

Since San Diego is only a 6 hour drive from Phoenix it is a very popular getaway for the Phoenicians. Carol and I are no exceptions. We managed to score a smoking deal with Humphrey’s Halfmoon Bay Inn located on Shelter Island. Out our window we were staring into Coronado Island and across the harbor, downtown San Diego. I was in heaven.

One of the first things we did was ride beach cruiser bikes around Shelter Island. The hotel provided them to us for use on the island. I have to admit right now out of everything we did I probably enjoyed it the most. We had no where to be, beautiful weather and just pedaled our bikes around like a couple of kids on summer break. Give me more of that! Dinner that night would find us over at Seaport Village for some amazing seafood. Shock! It is such a fun area to hang out and people watch.

The next morning would start late followed by a trip to La Jolla. No trip to San Diego is complete without a visit to La Jolla. We made our way up there for a nice lunch and then to take in the views along with some shopping. Traffic was a nightmare as can be expected in California. Do they ever take a break in SoCal? After spending money in La Jolla we made an evening trip over to Coronado Island. We walked around the shopping district area waiting on sunset. As the sun began to set the cool ocean breeze forced us to dawn jackets. The wimpy Arizonans couldn’t take the “cold” night weather. LOL! My wife patiently waited as I grabbed a few shots of San Diego’s skyline. It was such a beautiful night to be out, even with the cool breeze.

Our last day would include a whale watching trip out on the Pacific. We were fortunate enough to see two whales on our trip. Actually we saw them blow water and their tails go into the air when they dove down. We weren’t able to get to close but you could clearly see the tails. Not something you would see in Arizona. It was a perfect way to end our trip, sunny weather and out on the ocean. Can’t wait for the next trip!!!

San Diego

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