Fashion shoot with a model squatting down.
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Fashion Studio Session | Desir’ee

Fashion shoot with a model squatting down.

Desir’ee rocked her fashion studio session a few weeks back. It was my first time working with her and she totally killed it!

A Rockin Fashion Studio Session with Desir’ee

We had spoken online about setting up a studio session several weeks before but my schedule was fairly packed. After some changes in my schedule opened up we were able to set a date to shoot. Desir’ee is just starting out with modeling but as you will see in her photos she is a fast learner.

Model standing for a pose during a fashion shoot.

Before our session we discussed the wardrobe as well as posing. Desir’ee did an amazing job with her posing. This can be challenging for newer models which is why I stress practice, practice, practice your posing. Being able to hit one pose after another really helps to keep the shoot flowing. Photographers are always grateful when models do not require direction. It allows each one to focus on their job at hand, the model to look fabulous and the photographer to capture it. 🙂

Fashion model posing during a photography shoot.

One of the qualities I really enjoyed in working with Desir’ee was her total relaxed demeanor. She didn’t bring a diva attitude, just a warm smile and a willingness to learn. What’s not to like about that! As we made our way through her fashion studio session Desir’ee started hitting her stride. It’s always fun to go through the timeline of photos and see your client just getting better and better as the shoot progresses. Her confidence only grew as we continued.

I can’t wait to see what’s ahead for Desir’ee as she chases her dream. She is on the fast track and the sky is the limit for her. Expect to see her gracing covers and walking down runways very soon.

Below are few more of my favorite images from her shoot. There were so many good ones to choose from so it was quite the challenge. Enjoy!

Model squatting down for a pose.

Model looking over her shoulder at a shoot.

Fashion model posing in tattered jeans.

Closeup of model looking into camera.

Model wearing a leather jacket.

Model squatting down with a leather jacket.

Casual look with fashion model wearing a black leather jacket.



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