Lightning strikes the Grand Canyon
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Grand Canyon Lightning Strike

Lightning strikes the Grand Canyon

My trip up north had one priority, get a Grand Canyon lightning strike. It’s certainly a great goal to have for any storm chasing trip, but for the Canyon that’s asking a lot. 

Monsoon Delivers a Grand Canyon Lightning Strike

Yesterday I left at 8am for my trip to the Canyon. From the Phoenix area it’s about a 4 hour drive to see one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. Yes, we are spoiled. The trip is always filled with anticipation as you never know quite what to expect. Every trip to the Grand Canyon is unique. Even with the best forecast in your favor there is absolutely no guarantee you will see one storm. It’s always a gamble so you have to be prepared for that aspect.

Over the years my fellow photographers and I have nicknamed the Canyon a “heartbreaker”. So many trips up there to come away empty handed. Of course empty handed has to be taken in the context of storm chasing and wanting epic lightning. We always come back with great shots without the storms and lightning because well, it is the Grand Canyon. The shot above was one of two strikes that happened over a 6 hour plus period of time. When you go there bring plenty of patience with your gear.

Nonetheless it was a great trip. I got to hang with my buddy Bryan Snider and enjoy a view that people from all over the world travel to see. We had one good storm roll through that gave us quite a few timelapses. Be sure to visit my Vimeo page and YouTube channel to see those. I’m hoping to make one more trip up north with plans to spend a couple of days chasing the Canyon. I was grateful to get this Grand Canyon lightning strike but know there are more waiting.

Until next time.

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