I Wanna Be a Cowboy

Summer time in Phoenix brings out the camper in all of us.  When the temps hit 110+ we all head for the high country.  And that would be Flagstaff or Payson.  So this past weekend we made it to Flag for a weekend of camping and cooler temperatures.

After checking in, we were told the Southwest Gunfighters would be performing on Saturday.  Having a 3 year old boy guaranteed that we would not miss this one (or would we?).  Saturday morning came and after a late breakfast we made our way to the gunfight. The actors gave a brief history of their troup and an explanation of the firearms they would be using.  Come to find out they use real guns with blanks.  This could be fun.

Just as the show was starting my son looked up and said, “I have to potty”.  Hmm.  Nearest bathroom back up the hill towards the camper or find a tree.  Confident I could make it back in time to see part of the show we opted for the restroom.  Hmm.  Never underestimateate how long a 3 year old can take on the potty.

Just as we got back the gunfighters and townspeople were taking their bows.  So much for the show.  They were handing out bandanas to all the kids so we jumped in line.  One of the cowboys was gracious enough to tie Cole’s bandanna on and pose for this picture.

I love B&W images and pretty much anything from the “wild west” always looks good in monochrome.

Taken with a Canon 40D, 17-40L, and post processed with Adobe Lightroom 3.

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