An engaged couple stands at the edge of the Mogollon Rim at sunset.

All Smiles Engagement Session in Payson Arizona

An engaged couple stands at the edge of the Mogollon Rim at sunset.

Jake and Niky’s engagement session in Payson was loaded with fun and smiles. They had hoped for a little snow to be hanging around the high country but would it be there? 

Snow and Smiles for an Engagement Session in Payson

Jake had been following my Instagram account for some time before contacting me about photographing their wedding. He had always gave encouraging words sprinkled with a little technical know how. I had wondered if he had photography experience and sure enough he is a photographer himself. I have to admit it’s always a little scary when you photograph another photographer. You just feel like any little thing you do wrong they will know. LOL!

My first few conversations with Jake were by email as he hadn’t popped the question yet to Niky. We had to keep it on the down low. 🙂 The good thing was it didn’t take too long before Jake and Niky were Arizona’s newest engaged couple. With Niky on board we were finally able to meet up in person to discuss shooting locations for their engagement session. Jake and Niky pitched going to the high country with hopes of getting some snow for their session. I gave a big thumbs up for that idea.

We started out at Black Canyon Lake which is northeast of Payson AZ. It’s an awesome little lake surrounded by pine trees. A hidden treasure in the high country. More importantly there was still snow left on the ground from a storm that had come through a few weeks earlier. Jake and Niky were stoked!!! After grabbing some amazing shots of these two we made our way out to catch the Mogollon Rim for sunset.

Our timing was near perfect as we headed to the Rim. We arrived with plenty of time to scout the perfect location for sunset. A nice open area with some large flat rocks provided the perfect spot to finish up their engagement session in Payson. Mother Nature delivered a nice sunset to cap off our day. Below you will find a few of my favorites from their session.

Engaged couple sitting on a downed pine tree.

Engaged couple at Black Canyon Lake.

Couple whispering and laughing during their engagement session.

Couple laying on a blanket for their engagement session in Payson.

Engaged couple playing in the snow at Black Canyon Lake.

Close up of engaged couple holding hands.

Couple holding hands at their engagement session in Payson.

Couple embracing at Black Canyon Lake.

Couple playing in the snow during their engagement session in Payson.

Couple kissing at sunset on the Mogollon Rim.

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