Engaged couple sitting on a blanket

Payson Engagement | Kylie and Todd

Engaged couple sitting on a blanket

A few weeks back I photographed Kylie and Todd’s Payson engagement session in the high country of Arizona. Getting to run around the pines and fresh clean air is always a fun time. 

Payson Engagement Session in the High Country of Arizona

Most of my engagement sessions are here in the Phoenix area. Granted we have plenty of nice parks and desert landscapes to shoot in, but getting up in the high country is a special treat. When Kylie mentioned that Todd had proposed to her at Black Canyon Lake and they wanted their engagement session there, I simply asked “when do you want to go”.

We started our day over at the Tonto Natural Bridge. Shortly after arriving we found out they don’t allow dogs at the bridge area. Boo!!! Stella wasn’t allowed so we grabbed a few shots up top and then made our way towards Black Canyon Lake.

Couple posing with their dog at Tonto Natural Bridge.

Black Canyon Lake is roughly 45 miles east of Payson. It sets up on top of the Mogollon Rim. The lake is a nice hidden gem that my family has visited several times during our camping trips. Once we made our way to the lake we were greeted with a closed gate that lead to the lake. The forest service was repaving the entrance and parking lot, so we had to hike in to the lake. We all laughed about how this was the 2nd “road block” for the engagement session. Nonetheless we were determined and set about our hike. On the way in we counted only 5 people at the lake. That was a total eerie feeling as this lake is always busy. It was great having it to ourselves.

We got set up and started shooting. Kylie, Todd, and Stella rocked their photos. The lake was beautiful and made for a perfect backdrop. I knew sunset would come early at the lake due to the surrounding hills. Earlier I mentioned to Kylie and Todd about racing back towards the top of the Rim to an open field to catch the sunset. We finished up at the lake and made for the field. The race against the sun was underway. Fortunately we planned well and were able to get some amazing sunset photos. Kylie and Todd had a blast and you can see their personality really shine. Below are a few of my favorite images from their Payson engagement session.

Couple sitting on a log posing in the woods.

Close up of a couple wearing cowboy boots.

Couple standing on a dirt road making a heart shape with their hands.

Couple sitting on the ground laughing.

Couple posing in the woods.

Couple holding their save the date sign.

Couple staring at Black Canyon Lake while holding hands.

Couple embracing in the woods.

Guy kissing the hand of his future bride.

Sunset photo of a couple standing in a field.

Close up of a couple holding hands during their Payson engagement session.

Couple kissing during their engagement session.

Kylie standing behind Todd in a forest.

Kylie on Todd's back while standing in a field.

Sunset photo of a couple standing in front of a forest.

Sunset photo of a couple at dusk with stars in the sky.



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