Click the pic for a bigger view We’ve been having such nice weather here in Arizona the last few weeks I figured it was time to revisit this years storm chasing adventures.  It’s a given that our winters are to die for here but the summers are packed with monsoon goodness. 


Sunset At 4 Peaks

Click the pic for a larger view Earlier this week the Phoenix area got hit with several days of heavy rain which lead to snow above 5,000 feet.  In a nutshell that meant road trip to the 4 Peaks area.  I was joined by my buddies Mike Olbinski and Bryan Snider for this sunset feast. Upon arrival I…


Passing Through

Click the pic for a bigger view Just a quick post today.  I captured this passing car just as the sun had set on the Arizona desert.  As the sky started turning colors I couldn’t help but stop and take it in.  I’ve said it countless times, but the sunsets we have here are second…


A Southwest Day

Click the pic for a bigger view Quick post today.  This was taken out at the Lost Dutchman State Park.  These are the kind of days I live for here in Arizona.  Cloudy skies with a touch of blue. I softened this image up a little to add some visual contrast to the harshness that…

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High Plains

Click the pic for a bigger view Today’s image was taken back this past summer while on our way to Durango CO.   As we were making our way through the northeastern part of AZ we came upon these crazy cloud formations. I pulled over on the side of the highway hoping for a storm…