Superstition Mountains of Doom

A dark and stormy sky surrounds the Superstition Mountains.

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Today’s image definitely shows my bipolar style when it comes to photography. If you have seen my work you know I favor vibrant color.  But why is the image of the Superstition Mountains in black and white? But of course I have an alternate persona who loves black and white photography. Rather it be a beautiful bride or a desert landscape I always appreciate the simplicity of black and white. I find in the absence of color it’s the raw emotion of the image that speaks to me. It’s that stark contrast of black versus white that leads to such visual feast.

In this shot the partial light on the Superstition Mountains gives them an ominous presence out on the horizon, a doom and gloom feeling if you will. While at the base the shadows seem to be hiding something as the drama in the sky begins to unfold.

It never ceases to amaze me how lighting is everything in photography.  The same image can take on drastic differences depending on how the light hits it. You will hear it from everyone in the photography industry, find the good light first. Every aspect of your photograph will stem from the light.

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  1. Not that I am partial or anything, but you should let this bi-polar side of you come out and play a bit more! You know, cuz you rocked this shot like a boss and such 😉

  2. Holy snappin’ Moses, Chris, this is a powerful image my friend! Those shadows and contrasts literally jump right out at you, producing a very dramatic piece full of raw emotion. One of my favorites from you, by far!!

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