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We’ve been having such nice weather here in Arizona the last few weeks I figured it was time to revisit this years storm chasing adventures.  It’s a given that our winters are to die for here but the summers are packed with monsoon goodness. 

The summer always brings our storm season and much needed rain.   During these months we are blessed with some incredible haboobs (dust storms), thunderstorms, and lightning.  I get out and chase these storms with friends in hopes of catching all this madness.  This summer certainly delivered some amazing weather and I was fortunate enough to catch quite a bit of it.

The image above was captured just off of Interstate 8 west of Gila Bend Arizona.  This was a crazy night for lightning as I also grabbed this monster bolt hitting a mountain. The one thing about storm chasing is you never know what you will come back with, which adds to the excitement.

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