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Cactus Light


Lightning strikes light up the Arizona sky. | Arizona photography

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A quick post for today as I was out late last night chasing this storm.  I was on the fence about heading out given the storm activity on the radar.  There were several storm cells west of Tucson that had potential but they were not moving that fast.  Out west of Phoenix there were another line of storms around the Gila Bend area making their way east.  Decisions.

Long story short I ended up driving towards Gila Bend to catch what was left of that system.  My indecision on which way to go cost me some shots since I arrived too late for the really good stuff.  Sometimes you need to make up your mind and go.  Lesson learned.

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Camera: Canon 5DM2 with a Canon 17-40L

Processing: Lightroom 4.1


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