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Arizona Lightning Creates a Teleport

A huge lightning strike lights up the AZ desert.

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Arizona Lightning Strike

So here we are in the middle of September and it looks like our monsoon season may be winding down and my last Arizona lightning strike of the year.  Sad face.  It is never a happy time when this happens.  For those of us living  in Arizona that means we go back to boring blue skies.  Horrible I know.The shot above was taken on Monday night of this week just west of Gila Bend on Interstate 8.  I was able to watch this storm roll across the open desert fronted by rain then followed by lightning.   This was one of the first strikes I got that night and ended up being one of the best.  So if the monsoons truly die down as predicted, I got to finish out with a good one.

I named this one “Teleport” because at the top of the strike it looks like some portal opening up for an alien invasion to teleport their way on to earth.  Fortunately no aliens showed up so we are safe for the time being.

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  1. I hope your wrong about the season ending, but then again I think your probably right. Anyways love your photo! It’s been a great year and your photos have been fantastic this year!

    1. Thank you Bryan. Truly appreciate dude. Its been great shooting with you guys this season. Looking forward to many more.

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