My Girl

So this past Sunday a small miracle happened.  Our 9 year old agreed to allow her old man to take some pictures of her.  I’m not sure what happened, cosmic event, act of God, or what but we were thrilled nonetheless.  



Click the pic for a bigger view Happy Friday everyone.  It’s been a few days since I have posted anything.  I blame Vegas for that. 🙂  Last weekend I attended WPPI (watch for a post on Monday) which has thrown my schedule off this week.


Meet Michelle

A few weeks back Michelle had asked me about doing some head shots for her website.  After getting our schedules aligned we were able to meet up last weekend.  We started out with your typical studio head-shots and rocked through those in no time.  Not one to waste a good opportunity I suggested we pack up and…


Up Close

Click the pics for a bigger view Today is something new for the blog.  A couple of close up macro shots of my two monkeys.  I rented a Canon 100mm L macro lens a few weeks back for a wedding I was shooting and decided to have some fun using it around the house. I…


Miss Layla

  Let me just start out by saying that Matt & Natalie are very luck y parents to have a cutie like Layla.  This 18 month old rocked her photo shoot like a real pro. On Saturday Layla and her mom stopped by for some studio shots.  Layla is now big enough to wear a…

Birthday Monkey

Click the pic for a bigger view Tomorrow our 3 year old monkey will turn into a 4 year old monkey.  And of course our house will turn into a temporary zoo as his cohorts in crime come over for fun and games.   Oh boy! Even with Cole being our second child I’m still…