My Girl

A 9 year old girl posing for a portrait.

So this past Sunday a small miracle happened.  Our 9 year old agreed to allow her old man to take some pictures of her.  I’m not sure what happened, cosmic event, act of God, or what but we were thrilled nonetheless.  

We decided to go to downtown Chandler and see if we could find some flowers to work into the background.   With our recent 100 degree heat I wasn’t sure if anything would be left standing.  The joys of living in Phoenix means you get to experience summer early.

Despite the heat our little girl did a great job of posing and making her old man happy.  As always you can click on the pics to view them larger.

Until next time…

A girl posing

A girl posing for a portrait

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  1. Great portraits Chris. I am not sure which surpassed me more: that she agreed to have you take her photos or that you already hit 100 degrees.

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