Outdoor Wedding | Bryan & Emily

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Bryan and Emily’s outdoor wedding was simply amazing. No expense was spared in the details as their day unfolded.

Their fall wedding here in Arizona provide a gorgeous day to celebrate their wedding. Emily was absolutely radiant in her dress. Once she was in it she was ready to rock the day! From her pictures below you can see how stunning she was in her dress. Bryan was absolutely speechless when he saw her on the first look. You could see the emotion in his face as he saw his bride for the first time. Such a special moment.

Each of these guys were so laid back and fun as the day progressed. Emily rocked a smile that I don’t think ever left her. Their bridal pictures were filled with so much laughter and fun. You couldn’t ask for a more energetic couple to work with.

During their ceremony you could feel the emotion from both their families as they witnessed their new life together about to begin. What a joy to be a part of on their special day.

I had the privilege of second shooting with Trevor Dayley for this wonderful wedding.

Enjoy their day caught on camera and feel free to leave a comment.



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  1. I have to say man, you did a really good job. HOWEVER…. JK. I have to point out that last shot. That’s the winner. If you got no other good shots and the rest were junk, that one shot would make up for it all. Truly an inspirational shot man. Grats!

  2. Amazing collection Chris. The wedding shots are wonderful, but I really like that you included the first four shots. These add so much to telling the story of their day. Great job!

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