Welcome to Amococo

Family Sitting in Amococo Art Exhibit

The family getting their “zen” on.

It is spring break this week for our kids.  So of course that means they are bored.  As an effort to quiet the natives, Monday night we took them to the Mesa Arts Center (a favorite place to shoot portraits) to experience Amococo.

What on earth is Amococo do you say?  Well it’s hard to describe but imagine a giant inflatable maze that has been scuplted with influence of Islamic architecture, Archimedean solids and Gothic cathedrals (taken from the brochure).  In short it was way cool.

Green Ceiling of Amococo
The top of one of the rooms

The Top of one of the rooms.

The lighting inside was crazy as you can see from my photos.  The whole experience is meant to be absorbed by both sound and light.  The volunteers explained at the entrance to wander around and then find a place to sit and relax.  Of course I wandered around and took pictures. I did eventually take a break and find a little cove to lean back against.  It was quite relaxing just staring up at the colors and listening to the “zen” music.  I wander if you can order these on Amazon?

Colors in Amococo
A view of the many coves

A view of the many coves

We finished out the night playing hide and seek.  Which mainly consisting of me hiding and the kids tracking me down. For those here in Phoenix I definitely recommend going to this if you have the time.  Admission is only $5 per person.

A ghost is chasing us

A ghost is chasing us

For those here in Phoenix interested in seeing this, here is the Mesa Arts Center link. And a liitle more info (and more cool pictures) on Amococo can be found here.

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