North end of the Salton Sea

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Today we have another shot from my recent adventure to the Salton Sea.

Our morning trip down to the Salton Sea from the Joshua Tree National Park was quite a little jaunt.  After fueling up on some In-N-Out our merry little band set sail for the Salton Sea.  Rick Young and I were in the lead vehicle for the trip.  As we were driving the perimeter Rick checks the GPS and says “I wander where this road goes”?  So off we go down a desolate road with caution to the wind and no hope of returning.  A few bumps and dust clouds later we arrive on the north end of the sea.

The shore line we walked around is nothing I’ve ever been on and God willing will never be on again.  It is composed of decaying fish bones and some white salty looking silt.  I’m pretty sure we took a year off our lives from the exposure.

Nonetheless after walking around we came to this desolate area you see in the picture above.   After staring out into the sea through these dead trees you get the sense of being in some strange futuristic world where civilization has nuked itself and this is what is left.  I couldn’t help but process this image into a slightly darker eerie landscape.  It is not something I do often but it seemed to fit what I felt and saw that day.

The Salton Sea is an interesting place to see at least once.  If you are a photog there are ample opportunities to shoot some interesting stuff.  Just be ready for fish bones and white goo. 🙂

Until next time…


Camera: Canon 40D with a Canon 17-40L

Processing: Lightroom 3, CS5, Phototools 2.6


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  1. This reminds me of the scene from T2 where the nuke is detonated and the machines start kicking our human butts. BTW, your description of this area just took a few months off my life…ewwww!

  2. lol that’s a cool shot man! Did you get lucky and step through what you thought was dry but was nothing but muck underneath?

    Aside from the bones that white crusty stuff is in fact salt, but not totally. As all of those fish decay it breaks down calcium carbonate and it’s the build up of that which you see.

    And it’s not just fish bones. Look closer and it’s scales as well. Not to mention sometimes you can find whole birds. Complete and whole but nothing but bones.

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