Baby Charlotte

Switching gears this week.  I’d like to introduce you to a cutie named Charlotte.  She is the newest pride and joy of friends of ours.  As you can see the camera already loves her.

Baby with roses

I love to mix up my photography subjects.  For one it keeps it interesting and two there is always something new to be learned.  Going from the rugged landscape of the Arizona desert to something as precious as this covers the rainbow in technique and fun.
Shooting landscapes here in AZ you are working with natural light.  Granted it is nice and golden but nonetheless you are in a partnership with Mother Nature.  You get what she gives you.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Shrewd she is.

Going into the studio there are no partnerships.  You are the master.  The studio strobes are there to serve the photographer.  It is their job to light the subject in the most flattering way. In some cases it is very easy, like Baby Charlotte.  And in some cases where you are going for a particular “mood” it can be challenging.  But therein lies the fun.  Forcing the light to your will.

For this shot of “Charlie” I was able to get away with one strobe and a reflector.  The strobe was set to camera left and the reflector off to camera right.  I believe Charlie’s mother was right above the camera with words of encouragement for her young model.  As you see she took mom’s advice to heart and struck a pose.

I can’t say enough how fun shoots like these turn out.  You can not beat seeing that smile that comes across something as small and wonderful and capturing it for all time.  Very nice job Miss Charlotte.

Until next time.

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