Vee Dub

This shot was taken on our Phoenix photo walk back in February. I’m pretty sure there were several of us that snapped this bug. The color on it was amazing.

HDR Volkswagon Bug

Fellow photog Mike Olbinski has a shot on his Flickr page that is a must see. He mentioned how special these cars are to him. I have to admit to that as well.

My first car was a bright canary yellow ’71 VW Bug. It had a 4 speed manual mated to 1.5L engine and was a beast to drive. I remember hitting 90mph one day going down a big hill back in Illinois. One of many “total lack of judgment” decisions from my youth. It is a wonder that little ol car didn’t fly apart.

It was a forgiving car when it came to learning how to drive a stick. The clutch was generous and made for easy shifting. I paid a whopping $500 for it and drove for it about a year. I ended up selling it to a friend for that same $500. Not a bad deal.

Seeing this one took me back to my crazy youth. Slug Bug!

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