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Back to Grand Falls AZ

The waterfalls in northeastern Arizona known as Grand Falls.

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Today we conclude my revisit to northern AZ with a shot of Grand Falls.  One year ago this week I made the trip to visit the “Chocolate Falls”.  

This location was preceded with stops at Two Guns (an old ghost town off of Interstate 40) and quick stop through Winslow Arizona.  I had originally planned to post a pic from Winslow today and then follow up with a Grand Falls shot, but decided to jump to the good stuff.  Not to mention I wasn’t real excited about my remaining Winslow images.

One thing I found interesting about Grand Falls is a lot of the natives here didn’t even know of its existence.   Of course that is easy to understand because this place you don’t find by accident.  A simple search on Google maps will show you what I mean.

The falls were breath taking and simply amazing to take in.  We were able to hike down to the bottom area on the left in the above image.  What was crazy was how much green vegetation was down in that area.  We all said it felt like a scene from Jurassic Park with the falls, green grass, and high rock cliffs.  The only thing that was missing was a T-Rex.

And finally a big thank you to our buddy Mike Olbinski for sharing this gem with us and organizing the trip.  I’m looking forward to the next one.

Until next time…


Camera: Canon 40D with a Tamron 17-35mm

Processing: Lightroom 3.6, CS5, Phototools 2.6


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  1. That’s a cool shot Chris. Love the color of the scene. I did look the location up on Google. Looks like you need to hike from the Grand Falls Campground. How long of a hike is it and how strenuous? I may try to stop there on my way to the Grand Canyon but I will be with non-hikers.

  2. I never tire of seeing images of the place, and am so glad that I was able to visit the falls. We had hoped to visit again this year, but with our move in a little over a week, it wasn’t meant to be.

  3. Every time I see this place I think about Willy Wonka and his river of chocolate. Just need a tube and a fat kid getting sucked up to complete that image 😉 Lovely work Mr. Frailey!

    1. Ha ha. I never had that image come to mind, but now I do. Thanx for the kudos and have a great Easter weekend Chris.

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