Child in train conductor overalls.

Choo Choo

I’ll have to admit this now before we get much further along.  This blog will most likely be slanted towards pictures of my kids.  It is not my intention for that to happen but I’m just say’in.

Anyway, we loaded the family up and took a little trip over to the Desert Breeze Train Park in Chandler AZ.  It is a great place to take the kids as they have a little of everything.  You can find a train of course, monster playground, a carousel, ducks, swings, a lake, and acres of grass to run wild in.  Oh and in the summer they have water fountains for the kids to soak themselves.  Like I said great place to take the kids and let them burn out energy.

Our youngest received some overalls for Xmas complete with matching hat.  These just happened to be pin striped (train conductor style).  What better place for a photo op than Desert Breeze.  Our oldest had her best friend and partner in crime Montana over, so she went too.

Child in train conductor overalls.

I was able to grab a few good shots during the afternoon.  Of course my subjects grew quickly tired of having a camera pointed towards them which meant bribery was to be employed.  The youngest got his ride on the train and the two girls got a game of tag from yours truly.  Good times.

I do my best to cherish these times as I know there are only finite number of them.  Tag you’re it!

Until next time…

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