Displaying Photos in Your Home

Photo album for a high school senior girl.

I’m always encouraging my clients on the idea of displaying photos in your home. It’s a concept that was once popular in the “old days” and sort of slipped a little when hard drive space became affordable.

The past decade has seen a significant rise in mobile phone ownership due to competitive pricing. With this it has led to everyone storing photos on their phones in addition to computers/tablets. Now there is nothing wrong with this. What used to be those wallets of pics are now stored on one’s mobile device. They can be easily shared and viewed so that’s a win-win. The downside is eventually those photos get lost in the mix as the next batch gets stored on your phone.

We take more pictures than ever these days due to the convenience of always having a camera with us now. Those quick selfies at the concert, the little slugger at the plate, or a princess showing off her latest dress are a continuous stream of pics coming in. Those precious moments are captured but rarely will get viewed again once a few days pass. Printing those once special captures is one way to always have them close at hand. Our home is lined with printed pictures of our kids and family adventures. I call it #printYourLife.

Some of you may be saying “that’s great, but we don’t have a lot of space in our house”. With that, let me give you an alternative. Albums. Yes, those things your parents have on their shelves. Modern albums are an amazing way to showcase your latest trip to see Mickey Mouse, the championship game, or that dance recital. Your favorite professional photographer can hook you up with a variety of sizes, colors, and cover options.  We offer them to our brides and high school seniors as a way to get a lot of photos in a small space. They make great options to leave out on your coffee table so you can quickly relive those precious moments.

For more tips on displaying photos in your home check out Redfin’s article featuring a variety of photographers tips and tricks.

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