Arizona Elopement Style Wedding

Bride and groom posing with a wicker chair in the desert for their Arizona elopement style wedding.

All the makings of an Arizona elopement style wedding are right here for Matt and Kristen’s big day. Read on to see more of their gorgeous wedding.

Arizona Elopement Style Wedding in the Desert

I have worked with Kristen several times over the years on photo shoots. She’s an adventurous outdoor girl who embodies the AZ native spirit. If she is not sleeping, then she is probably hiking some trail in Arizona (or Half Dome). When she contacted me about doing her wedding it was an immediate “yes”. I couldn’t wait to talk with both Kristen and Matt. I was a little more than curious who had captured KK’s heart. He has some strong competition with Ace and Bandit ever at Kristen’s side. LOL! It doesn’t take long after meeting Matt to see how these two belong together.

Their wedding venue was the house Kristen grew up in. How cool is that! You can always go home and what better way than to celebrate one of the biggest of your life. Matt and Kristen both have successful careers that put them on camera here in the valley. They wanted to escape that spotlight and enjoy their day in a small intimate Arizona elopement style wedding. Family and close friends would be there with them to celebrate.

We arrived in this secret location hidden away in the Arizona desert to find our bride and groom in the stages of getting ready. They were not doing a first look so we had to make sure no one saw anyone before the ceremony. We grabbed a few of the traditional getting ready shots and made our way out to the ceremony site. On a side note, I just have to say Kristen’s makeup skills are on par with some of the best make-up artists I have ever worked with period. She should seriously do a YouTube channel on makeup!

Kristen’s dad escorted her down the aisle with our handsome groom looking on for the first time at his bride to be. Kristen looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress. Vows were exchanged, a few tears shed and with a kiss these, two now could check the box “married filing jointly”. LOL! Now was the time for the bride and groom formals. I was on cloud nine. A gorgeous couple who values photography, a stunning desert background, and Penny Lane a vintage ’62 VW bus waiting!!

Returning our happy couple in time for their grand entrance friends and family were excited to see the married couple make their debut. A first dance, a baby reveal and good times closed out the night. Below you will find a few of my favorites from their wedding day.

Black and white photo of the bride's wedding dress hanging.

Bride smiling as bridesmaid helping her get ready on her Arizona elopement style wedding.

Bride's wedding cowboy boots.

Mother of the bride crying over a special moment.

Bridal bouquet

Groom posing in desert for portrait

Wedding detail of the groom's shoes.

Groom checking his watch for a portrait.

Bride being walked down the aisle by her father

Groom watching his bride walk down the aisle

Wedding ceremony kiss between bride and groom

Bride and groom sitting in an old VW bus with windshield open.

Bride and groom kissing outside a decorated VW bus.

Bride and groom sitting in a vintage VW bus.

Bride and groom staring at each other while sitting in a VW bus.

Bride posing in a wicker chair for her Arizona elopement style wedding in the desert.

Bride sitting on the lap of groom for their Arizona elopement style wedding

Bridal portrait of bride sitting in a wicker chair in the desert.

Bride with her hands on back of groom's neck embracing.

Close up photo of bride's wedding ring.

Groom bear hugging bride during Arizona elopement style wedding.

Bride embracing groom around the neck during a sunset for their Arizona elopement style wedding.

Desert plants decorate a wedding reception table

Wedding decoration box with the bride and groom's name along with their wedding date

Wedding rings laying next to a desert plant

Bride and groom holding each other during their first dance

First dance for bride and groom.

Every wedding is a carefully orchestrated event that couldn’t happen without amazing vendors. These hardworking people made sure Matt and Kristen had the best day possible.

Catering – Benedict’s Caterers

Florist – Blissful Blooms

DJ – Grant Ellsworth

Penny Lane VW Bus – PopUp Photoshop

And as always I could never get all these amazing photos without the help of my second photographer, Matt Beutel. Thanx buddy!

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