Closeup of a model posing during her studio shoot.
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Editorial Shoot With Taylor

Taylor stopped by the studio for an editorial shoot. This was an exciting session for me as it was one of the first photography sessions at my new studio.

An editorial studio shoot.

Fun Editorial Shoot With Taylor

When Taylor showed up we spent a few minutes going through wardrobe ideas. She had brought a range of choices which was great. After deciding on the looks we liked it was time to start shooting. I wanted to keep the background neutral and the lighting relatively simple. The focus was to be on Taylor, so keeping a clean simple background seemed like a good decision.

I setup two lights for this shoot. One serving as a main and the second one serving as a fill light. The cyc wall in the studio is white and for this session I didn’t worry about lighting it. Having it go completely white was not important for this shoot. The spill from the main light was enough to light it adequately.

A beautiful model posing for an editorial photo shoot.

Once I had the lighting set up and ready to go, Taylor came over for a series of test shoots. One of the benefits of using a light meter in the studio is it pretty much gets you spot on with your light power. Taylor’s test shots confirmed I had the lighting dialed in. It was time to get this editorial shoot going!

Taylor started hitting pose after pose that really show cased her modeling experience. For those models just starting out, I can’t emphasize this enough, practice your posing! Being able to hit several poses without stopping is huge. It keeps the creative flow going and allows the photographer to focus on the shots rather than having to direct you every other shot. So grab a mirror and start practicing. 🙂 Ok, I will get off my soap box now.

We finished out the photo shoot having a blast. Working with professional models is such a joy. Taylor nailed it and below you will find a few more of my favorites from our session. Enjoy!

Stunning blonde model posing for an editorial shoot.

Model wearing a pant suit for a studio shoot.

Model posing wearing a pant suit for an editorial shoot.

Closeup of a model posing during her studio shoot.

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