Model sitting on the red rocks of the Arizona desert.
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On Location Fitness Shoot With Angela

Model posing at a park.

Arizona is a perfect place for an on location fitness shoot. Our near perfect weather allows for photo shoots to happen about anytime during the year. In this case Angela joined me for a late afternoon session.

On Location Fitness Shoot For Some Fun In The Sun

Shooting outdoors is always a treat here in Arizona. Our stunning landscapes matched with our sunsets gives a one two punch for outdoor portrait sessions. Meeting up with Angela for this on location fitness shoot was a lot of fun. The only issue we had was a “little” wind as the evening approached. Ok, it was quite a bit of wind. But enough about that, let’s get back to the shoot.

One of things that made this a fun shoot is the fact that Angela is also a photographer. She does amazing work with families and children which can be seen on her website. Getting her on the other side of the camera was a chance for Angela to show off her recent hard work at the gym. She has been an avid Cross Fitter and as you can see, the benefits show. Since I’ve known Angela she has always been in good shape, but the Cross Fit training really has brought her to a new level. For those who are good shape and looking for a challenge that will pay in spades, I think Cross Fit is worth a look.

During our shoot I had awesome help from Mercedes Kim. Not only did she do Angela’s hair and makeup, she hung around to help with the constant wind by holding lights and touching up Angela’s hair as needed. No way I could have gotten through this without her assistance. Thank you Mercedes (again). 🙂

Our location was Papago Park in Tempe. It’s a great location to get that desert look without having to leave town. Below you will find a few of my favorites from the session.

Gorgeous model posing at Papago Park.

Fitness model posing against a rock wall.

A fitness model laughs during her shoot.

Side profile of a fitness model at her portrait shoot.


On location fitness shoot with a stunning model.

On location fitness shoot with Angela.



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