Fashion model flipping her hair back.
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Fashion Portrait | Iulia


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I’m excited to share my first fashion portrait at my new studio location. Iulia is gracing the blog today from her shoot a few weeks back. As you can see I chose well with my debut. 

Fashion Portrait at the New Studio

For those new to the blog at the end of February the building my studio was located in sold. One of the companies occupying a nearby space decided they needed more room and purchased the building. That in turn forced me out of my (then) studio. This hit hard as I didn’t see it coming. That studio was amazing with lots of room to shoot, and a large cyclorama wall to shoot on. Nonetheless that story has come to a close and a new one is beginning.

I met Iulia through some mutual fitness model friends. It just so happened she tagged along with her friend Stephanie during her shoot with me. Iulia was such a huge help during Stephanie’s shoot I later asked her if she would like a shoot with me in return for the assistance she provided during Stephanie’s session. She graciously accepted and a future date was set.

My search for a new studio space took a little longer than expected but I did find a new one. I couldn’t wait to get Iulia in there and show her off. She is currently training for an upcoming NPC fitness competition. However, for this session we chose to do a fashion portrait theme to add to her portfolio as well as mine. Once Iulia arrived we started out with some basic looks and worked our way up from there. Not only is she gorgeous but her personality is so laid back and fun you just want to work with her all day. Below you will find a few of my favorites from our shoot. I can’t wait to work with her again.

Fashion portrait of a model.

Up close headshot of a model smiling.


Fashion portrait of a model wearing a leather jacket.

Model with her leg bent during a studio shoot.

Fashion model flipping her hair back.

Fun casual pose of fitness model.

Fashion model jumping in the air during a studio shoot wearing Converse shoes.


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