Model wearing a red dress.
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Studio Portraits | Kimberleigh Michelle

Stunning model posing at a studio shoot.

I’m excited to share some studio portraits with the stunning Kimberleigh today. These were taken a little awhile back but they were worth the wait in my opinion. I think after reading through this post and seeing the rest of the images you will agree. 

Kim Rocks Her Studio Portraits

When Kim and I set up her appointment I couldn’t wait to get her in the studio. After reviewing her portfolio I could tell this shoot would be awesome. Kim has a natural look that you can’t help but take notice. That smile and those eyes make for a one two punch that just takes you out. She comes across in such a stunning way that just sneaks up on you. You start photographing her and then you see it.

Model squatting down for a pose at a studio session.

Now you would think a model looking like this might have a diva attitude. With Kim it is the farthest thing from the truth. She is your all American girl next door. That smile you see is genuine. She truly is a professional to work with at the studio. No attitude, just a willingness to work and get some amazing shots. Out of all the models I’ve worked with I don’t think I’ve met one that can hit pose after pose, put that model b!tch face on, then crack the biggest smile when the camera is put down. For the local photographers who follow this blog looking to get started in studio photography, Kim would be a great model to help you get started. She will rock pose after pose and make it easy for you to focus on getting the shots you want.

Kim has since had more shoots than I can count and has landed at least one book cover. I have had the fortune of shooting her a few more times since this shoot. Those sessions will be coming in the next few weeks. For now enjoy some of my favorites from this one.

Model wearing a black dress.

Model wearing a red dress.

Headshot of a model.

Studio session with a model wearing a black dress.

Studio shoot with model wearing a white tee shirt.

Modeling session with a garage door background.

Close up headshot of a gorgeous model.

Stunning model wearing a red dress with hands over her head.

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