Lighting image caught in the Arizona desert.

Inaugural Lightning

Lighting image caught in the Arizona desert.

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This past weekend I got to experience my first “storm chasing” trip with my photog buddy Mike Olbinski.  First, just let me say that Mike is a weather nut.  A serious nut.  Shooting with him is contagious as he explodes with excitement as rain, lightning, and Armageddon approaches.  He is also a great guy to shoot with in the fact he is willing to share what he knows and is just plain fun to talk to.  Just make sure he has had his diet Coke.

I’ve always been fascinated with lightning shots.  Over the years I’ve read tutorials and tricks but never acted on it.  Earlier this year I decided that would change with the coming monsoon storms we have here in AZ.  Most of the storms do not last long like in the mid-west, but they are intense.

After this weekend, I’m so excited for the monsoons this year.  I see some long nights this summer but the payoff sounds worth it.

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Camera: Canon 40D with Tamron 17-35mm zoom

Processing: Lightroom 3

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  1. Awesome shot! I used to try to capture lightning with my little point and shoot outside my apartment window before I really got into photography, so it’s nice to have better equipment and technique to try for some great shots now. 🙂

  2. Dude, I can totally picture you and Mike storm chasing there! How absolutely exciting! This image is perfect, Jason, you’ve captured the energy, colors and details here spot on.

    1. Crap dude, sorry about that, I am so embarrassed, I meant to say Chris not Jason in my above comment! I guess I got a little too excited with the image you’ve posted… please forgive me!

  3. Awesome shot! I can’t wait to find some storms to try my hand with lightning photography! Must have been a blast shooting with the great and powerful Olbinski! 😉

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