Joy Filled Intimate Backyard Wedding | Wes and Tristan

Not even pouring rain could stop the love of Wes and Tristan’s intimate backyard wedding. These two soul mates were nothing but smiles as the rain came.

Intimate Backyard Wedding Outlasts the Rain

What do they say? Rain on your wedding day is good luck? Perhaps that is true but most couples sigh when they see the rain. Especially in Arizona where it never rains. Nonetheless Wes and Tristan were an unstoppable force and nothing was going to keep them from enjoying their intimate wedding day.

My assistant and I arrived a bit early to scout out the grounds. I wanted to have options on every aspect of where to photograph our happy couple. After a quick survey it was time to get to work. Tristan was in the early stages of getting ready with hair and makeup. These are always fun images to get as they begin to tell the story of the wedding day. Wes arrived a short time later and began his preparation that started with a little grooming.

Flat lay wedding details of flowers and signage.

Bride getting her makeup applied.

Goom getting his beard trimmed.

Wedding bootiniers.

Once Tristan had finished up she took a moment to write Wes a personal note. These are generally bombshells for the groom as they become overwhelmed with emotion. With the note being delivered it was time for the dress. These moments are some of the most emotional for the bride and her mom. Capturing the final touch of “mom” zipping up the dress and her little girl spinning around for that first look is priceless. Tears generally flow and that is quite alright. Tristan looked absolutely breath taking in her wedding dress. The natural light in her bridal room was too good to pass up. We seized the opportunity to get some of Tristan’s bridal portraits right there.

Bride writing out a personal note to her groom.

Groom reading note from the bride.

Groom opening a gift from the bride.

Bride's wedding dress hanging from a wooden and steel door.

Bride's wedding shoes

Groom's gray wedding jacket.

Bridal bouquets.

Groom's father helping him with his jacket.

Bestman helping groom with his tie.

Bride posing on edge of bathtub in natural light.

Love letters from groom to bride laid out in a heart shape.

Bride's garter for something blue.

Bridal bouquet.

Groom posing.

Our couple dressed and ready it was time for the first look. I live to photograph these as it gives them a few minutes to relax and just enjoy the moment.

Bride approaching groom for the first look.

Bride tapping groom on the shoulder for the first look.

Bride and groom enjoying their first look.

With that first look in the books it was time for our couple to prepare for the ceremony. With the rain coming down the ceremony had to be moved under the patio. Our couple never blinked and our bride looked stunning in her Allure Bridals dress as Wes watched her come down the aisle.

Welcome sign for wedding reception.

Bride walking down aisle.

Groom watching for bride walking down aisle.

Bride and groom kissing during wedding ceremony.

Small teal treasure chest to hold wedding cards

Wes and Tristan’s ceremony was filled with love and commitment. As family and friends looked on they became Arizona’s latest newly weds. Now it was time to party! Leading off the reception was the first dance for our two love birds. Their dance was followed with Tristan dancing with her mother while Wes danced with his mother.

Wedding reception decoration bell.

First dance for the bride and groom.

Bride dancing with her mother.

Groom dancing with his mother.

After dinner was served I took our happy couple poolside for a few quick bridal portraits. The rain had stopped so we took advantage of the time we had as storms were building on the horizon.

Beautiful wedding rings.

Bride and groom embracing poolside.

Bride and groom standing beside each other poolside.

Bride and groom looking at each other while holding hands.

Bride and groom kissing while standing on a high dive.

Bride and groom standing in the rain while holding an umbrella.

As the night played on Tristan and Wes enjoyed their wedding reception. Playing the infamous shoe game and dancing with friends and family into the wee hours of the night. These two never stopped smiling the whole day. Just as it should be.

Wedding champaign glasses

Bride and groom dancing with maid of honor.

Bride and groom playing shoe game at wedding reception.

Bride and groom dancing.

Bride and groom celebrating with wedding cake.

I want to thank Tristan and Wes for allowing me to photograph their special day. They have so much love for one another. I wish them all the best!!!

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