A lightning bolt captured in Fountain Hills Arizona.


A lightning bolt captured in Fountain Hills Arizona.

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This past Sunday night we had some monumental lightning come through the valley of the sun.  Fellow AZ photogs Mike Olbinski, Scott Wood and I were out in force.  Each of us was in a different location but given the size of the storms there was plenty to go around.  When I first set up I started shooting the tail end of one storm only to have another come to me.  It is amazing how loud thunder can sound out in the desert.  You definitely have one of those “should I really be standing out here” moments.

I managed to catch several keepers that night which is always a good feeling.  Along with those feelings I learned a few other things such as getting soaked to the bone is no fun and eventually you have to wipe down your lens due to rain drops ruining your shots (Grrr).  I’m pretty sure a poncho purchase is my near future.

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Camera: Canon 40D with a 17-35mm zoom

Processing: Lightroom 3

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  1. I am so much diggin’ all the lightning shots coming out of your guys’ area these days. We don’t get those sorts of events here, so we have to live vicariously through you guys! Awesome capture here, my friend!

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