Monsoon lightning over the Superstition Mountains of Lost Dutchman State Park
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Lightning Over the Superstition Mountains

Monsoon lightning over the Superstition Mountains of Lost Dutchman State Park

This lightning over the Superstition Mountains shot has to be one of the more fun shots I’ve taken of the Superstitions in quite some time. I love all the elements that make up this shot. 

Monsoon Lighting Over the Superstition Mountains

Last night I ended up at a very familiar spot during my brief storm chasing. After getting out of work later than I hoped for I knew going south to Tucson would be a gamble on time versus reward. I made the decision to head east as a small band of storms were making their way down from the north east. This in itself was a gamble since most of the time those storms typically lose their luster once they make it down to the desert floor. Gambling was in the air.

So there I found myself driving down highway 60 towards the Superstitions. My hopes were to catch either an epic storm structure move across the mountains or get lightning over the Superstition Mountains. What’s funny is I sort of got pretty much everything I was hoping for last night. Of course since that happened that means I cashed in all my monsoon chips last night. 🙂 Ok so maybe I have a little bit of monsoon luck still to come my way. Let’s hope so.

As the day began to end I had to make a choice to stay put where I was and hope that I was going to get something or I could risk trying farther north into the storms where the heat of the battle was at. Ultimately I stayed put and time lapsed a nice little cell douse the Superstitions with some much needed rain. It was a glorious site to behold. As a bonus I happened to catch a few lightning strikes during the time lapse. One of those you see above. So in the end I was rewarded with something nice for my effort. 🙂

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