Milky Way Over Molas Lake


Milky Way Over Molas Lake

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Milky Way Relfects Upon Molas Lake

One of my goals for our vacation to Durango Colorado this year was to capture the Milky Way over Molas Lake. I knew this would be a great opportunity with no light pollution and no moon in the sky. Couple that with being over 11,000 feet up for nice thin air and you have the makings for a great Milky Way shot.

Molas Lake is about halfway between Durango and Silverton. The pass between these two old mining towns is named Molas Pass (imagine that). It rises over 11,000 feet and provides breathtaking views during the day (stay tuned for future posts). My only concerns going in would be the weather. You never know when mountain storms will roll through. Forecasts mean nothing in the high country of Colorado. Clear skies can quickly give away to violent storms.

Fortune smiled on me for this trip as both nights I was rewarded with clear skies. My only danger (and it was a big one) was avoiding elk on a mountain pass highway. My first night over I saw eight elk and my second night I saw twenty six. Bare in mind on this highway you have a sheer dropoff on one side and sheer rock face on the other side. I told myself if an elk jumps out in front of me do not swerve. Hit him straight on and it will be steaks tomorrow night for dinner.  Safe to say I made it over and back without taking down Bambie’s parents.

Once I made it down to the lake it was utterly amazing to see how many stars were out. I spent several minutes each night just standing there taking them all in. It’s a sight everyone should see. After getting my fill I setup my camera and begin capturing this heavenly body so far away and was reminded of how small we are in the universe.

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  1. I love that part of Colorado! I’ve taken the highway “pass” between Silverton and Lake City. As you said the was quite the drop off and I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to drive at night haha. Anyways nice shot! Can’t wait to shoot more milky way shots.

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