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Today we visit beautiful Colorado via Highway 550. It is known as the Million Dollar Highway and runs between Durango and Silverton Colorado. This past summer we spent a great deal of time traversing it during our family vacation. 

Follow the Million Dollar Highway to Wilderness Bliss

If you follow this blog you know I absolutely love Colorado. From busting down double black diamond runs at Telluride to camping in Estes Park we have been all over the state of Colorado. If you have ever visited the Rocky Mountains you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, you should. 🙂

This past summer we took our kids to Durango for some high country fun. Our kids are no strangers to the mountains and they get as excited as we do when we visit Colorado. Durango is only about a day’s drive from Phoenix so we have made it our destination of choice over the years for summer trips. In the winter we drive to Telluride for some skiing action. Both of these little mining towns offer a wealth of scenery and outdoor activities.

One of my favorite things to do is to go off roading up in the mountains near Silverton. The trails there vary from mild to wild to something will get broken. I’ve settled for something in between mild and wild over the years as my Tacoma isn’t quite as agile as my Jeep Wrangler was. Nonetheless the scenery alone can’t be beat at 11,000 feet. Where else can you have a snow ball fight in June?

The image above was taken one morning on our way to Silverton. I love a good highway shot and couldn’t turn this one down. The mountain you see in front is Engineer’s Mountain. It stands just under 13,000 feet and offers tremendous views from the top. I could travel the Million Dollar Highway all day.

Our dream is to one day move to the Denver area and become permanent residents of this beautiful state instead of visitors. 🙂 Here’s to chasing a dream!!

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  1. Awesome photo Chris! I agree Colorado is one of the most beautiful places in the United States.

    Several years ago, I was with my friend and his dad rented a Jeep for the day. We drove the pass between Silverton and Lake City. I say its probably the “It will be broken” part because a bar on our Jeep broke from the weld. haha 🙂

  2. Killer shot Chris. That is one of my favorite drives of all time. I have only done it twice but, like you, I have a dream to live in Colorado. Unfortunately, my wife doesn’t have the same dream.

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