Monsoon Storm Rolls Over Tempe

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One of the fun things with storm chasing is getting to the right spot before the right time happens. That was the case as this monsoon storm rolls over Tempe at sunset. 

Arizona Monsoon Storms Rolls Over Tempe

I watched this storm system for quite some time and decided to make my stand on what is known as “A Mountain” near downtown Tempe. It started pretty far out towards the north as a weak system. I wasn’t sure if it would even make it to me with any size or shape. After just making a decent climb up A Mountain with quite a bit of camera gear I was praying that it would hold together. I didn’t mind the exercise but I wanted to be rewarded for my effort.

As with monsoon storms you really never know what the outcome will be. I’ve been broken hearted many times by Mother Nature and feared the worst on this storm. As I set up the winds began to pick up and I could see the storm was accelerating towards me. It wasn’t long before the rain began to fall and I knew my time was limited. Being on top of a large butte with an approaching storm is a bit dangerous. I tried to get a time lapse of this beast as it approached but the rain was too much.

I sat in awe for a few moments watching as this monsoon storm rolls over Tempe thinking how beautiful Mother Nature can be. After grabbing a few more shots I hightailed it down the mountain before getting completely soaked. Night was quickly approaching but it did make for one more Tempe at night image.

Ahh running with the weather, that’s what storm chasing is all about.

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