The Boston subway

Mystery Woman

The Boston subway
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Today’s post is from several years back when I was in Boston for work.  I got to spend a lot of time in Bean Town and loved every minute of it.  Boston is one of my favorite cities to visit.

Getting around town is not for the feint of heart when it comes to driving.  The street maps look like spaghetti and are loaded with one ways.  Which leads us to the “T”, their subway system.  Learning it is pretty easy and it is well done in my opinion.  You can get anywhere in the city with it.

This image was taken with the intent of just getting a moving subway shot that might serve a stock photo collection.  After processing it and seeing the lady on the train all sorts of questions popped into my head.  Who is she? Where is she headed?  Why is she headed that way?  Crazy what one silly picture will do to you huh.

Until next time…


Camera: Canon Xti with a Canon 28-135mm

Processing: Lightroom 3


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  1. That is very cool Chris. I saw the title and didn’t see the woman immediately but once I did…well just fantastic. I love shots like this.

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