The inside of a baby grand piano.

Name That Tune

The inside of a baby grand piano.

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Yesterday I shot an event for the AZ Association for Home Care.   A great bunch of folks who do a great bunch of things.

When shooting events you have down time off and on throughout the day.  Some of this time is spent mingling, some of it spent talking possible future jobs (wedding), some of it on the iPhone, and finally some of it just shooting random stuff for fun.   I had stepped out into the hallway for a breather and noticed a baby grand piano had been parked there.  So what’s the first thing you do when you come across a baby grand in the hallway, you start hitting the shutter button of course.

Since no one was around I followed the old advice of “ask for forgiveness over permission” and popped the hood.  My camera was fitted with the nifty fifty so I started shooting with a wide open aperture to have some DOF fun.  After spending a little time with some of the shots, I think I went a little too wide.  I would like to have a few more of the strings in focus.  Since I’m going back today for round 2 of the event, it is going to be my secret mission to capture a few more images of this baby.

As a side note I have to say I’m blown away by the Canon 5D  Mark 2.  Its ability to capture low noise images in low light is outstanding. I so want this camera!

Until next time…


Camera: Canon 5DM2 with a Canon 1.4 50mm

Processing: Lightroom 3, CS4, Phototools 2.6

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  1. I love the DoF on this, and like just the few strings that are in focus. The lighting following the focal plane is a nice touch as well. Glad to hear you are having a good time and rocking the 5D Mark II

  2. Great shot! Love the DoF! So it’s OK to have downtime? I had my first event last week and felt like I was shooting the WHOLE time 🙂 Have lots of similar images as a result, but more is better than less, I guess…

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