Our Dog

Meet Tootsie, our ugly dog.  I know what you are thinking, how can you say that?  Well, lets just call it like we see it.  One could argue she falls into the category of “she’s so ugly she’s cute”.  But what does that really mean?  It means she is an ugly dog.

Of course as we all know, looks aren’t everything.  Personality counts too.  Especially with this one.  She was a rescue dog, meaning that she was rescued the day she was supposed to be put down.  Maybe she should of been named Lucky.

Tootsie is a mix of two breeds, Affenpincher and Border Terrier.  When it comes to energy she’s 100% pure breed.  We can take her out on a 5 mile run and within an hour of that she is rested and ready to go again.  Which is a good thing since our kids never leave her alone.

Its been a few years since we have had a dog. When we lost our last one (had her for almost 17 years) we like to came unglued.  At the time I could not imagine getting another one and going through that all over again.  However as child growing up I always had a dog.   What fun times those were.  So feeling guilty about denying my kids those same moments, I reluctantly gave in and we got Tootsie back in December.

So here we are with our ugly dog.  Let the memories begin.

Until next time…

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  1. This "ugly dog" falls asleep on my chest while laying on the couch at night. And get this, she falls asleep on her back, four paws in the air and starts snoring. She cannot get close enough to you because she loves you soooooo much. Personality definitely counts. 🙂

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