Sparkler exit for bride and groom.

Schnepf Farms Wedding

Bride and groom standing in middle of a dirt road as they get ready for their Schnepf Farms wedding.

A little meadow sets the stage for a Schnepf Farms wedding with Jake and Nikki. Hard to believe this oasis of trees exists in the valley of the sun, but it does and what a backdrop it delivers.

Trees and More for a Schnepf Farms Wedding

Upon arriving for their wedding, I couldn’t help but smile. Jake and Nikki couldn’t have picked a better venue to have their wedding. Given their love for the great outdoors, Schnepf Farms Meadow was built just for them. With just enough trees and a rustic outdoor look, it makes you feel like you are in the high country of Arizona. I couldn’t help but think back to their engagement session in Payson. Schnepf Farms is truly a gem of the Phoenix area.

I found Nikki in the brides “cabin” getting ready. Like every bridal getting ready area, it was slight chaos with everyone in different stages of getting ready. Nikki was being taken care of by Blush Artistry who was doing the makeup magic. One thing I’m always amazed with the gals is their ability to sit still in the hair & makeup chair. I wouldn’t last 10 minutes. LOL! I grabbed a few shots of Nikki and then a few of her wedding details, a gorgeous pearl necklace and her blue garter. Of course no wedding detail shots are complete without a few of the dress. With the help of Nikki’s mom we were able to hang it for about a minute in between wind gusts that were blowing in the afternoon. I’ve never been so scared about a dress hanging outside. I shot as fast I could and returned it back to the wind free cabin.

Slipping over to Jake’s ready room which was a heavy duty canvas tent for the guys. It came complete with AC and snacks. Jake wanted to take a few minutes to share a bottle of Irish whiskey with his groomsmen. You can never go wrong doing that for your fellas. After a few shots the guys made their way back to the tent to start getting ready. The AC was a welcome relief. Jake and Nikki had both written letters to their soul mates which made for some emotional moments as each of them read their letters.

We made our way out to the meadow area for their first look. I always love these moments as they are filled with raw emotion between the couple. Nikki made quite the impression on Jake and you can see why. She was gorgeous! They followed that up with a first look with Nikki’s dad as well. Such a precious moment between father and daughter.

Their ceremony was filled with love, tears, and laughter. Who would want it any other way. Vows were exchanged and the two became one. Friends and family celebrated into the night. Below are a few of my favorite images from their wedding gallery.

A bride reads a letter from her groom.

Groom and groomsmen drinking from a whiskey bottle.

Bride's mom buttoning her wedding dress.

Groom getting ready in front of the mirror as he prepares for his Schnepf Farms wedding.

Wedding dress hanging from ceremony archway.

Groom smiling for portrait.

Bride's wedding details, garter, pearl necklace.

Bride tapping shoulder of groom for the first look.

Groom looking at bride during first look.

Bride and groom posing in meadow.

Bride posing with her bouquet.

Bride and groom holding each other in a meadow.

Bride holding her bouquet behind her.

Groom with groomsmen posing in meadow.

Bride laughing with her bridesmaids.

Bride getting teary eyed during her Schnepf Farms wedding ceremony.

Wedding rings perched on a pine cone.

Bride and groom kissing during first dance.

Bride and groom dancing during reception.

Sparkler exit for bride and groom.

I will close by saying Jake and Nikki are special people. These guys are awesome and I was honored to be apart of their special day. You will not find two more loving genuine people on this planet. I wish them the best in their future endeavors. No wedding ever happens without an amazing support cast. Here are the people behind the scenes who helped make this wedding amazing.

Venue: Schnepf Farms

DJ: The EastCoast DJs

Makeup: Blush Artistry

Baker: Sonja Stern

Caterer: Schnepf Farms

Florist: mother of the bride

And finally I want to thank my 2nd photographer Matt for helping me be in two places at once. I couldn’t have done this without his amazing talent.

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