Sunset at Merry Go Round Rock in Sedona for an engagement session.

Sedona Engagement Session at Merry Go Round Rock

Couple embracing on Merry Go Round Rock Sedona AZ.

Shooting a Sedona engagement session is always special. The mystical red rocks make for a stunning backdrop. Given that, how do you take it up a notch? Read on to see how!!

Magical Sedona Engagement Session at Merry Go Round Rock

Brian and Meilani had asked for suggestions regarding their engagement session. I compiled a list of popular spots here in the Phoenix area along with a few in the high country. One of those high country spots happen to be Sedona. In particular I listed Merry Go Round Rock as a possible option. Well, that one quickly made the short list and for good reason. The views offered at Merry Go Round Rock are just spectacular. There is one caveat about the location, it is not easy to get to as the road resembles a four wheel drive trail.

The morning of the session, inclement weather was forecasted for the area (of course). Remnants from hurricane Sergio was bringing storms to the high country. I left early and made my way up to see what the conditions were like in Sedona. The weather was holding off so Brian and Meilani made their way up. We met at the parking lot for the start of Schnebly Hill Road. It serves numerous trail heads and is the beginning of Schebly Hill Road which winds through Sedona’s backcountry eventually ending at Interstate 17. We took advantage of the area and grabbed a few shots to kick things off. The wind was gusting off and on with the occasional sprinkle. Packing up we made our way up Schnebly Hill road to begin our off-road adventure.

It was quite the ride up. Brian and Meilani were super troopers as they got bounced around pretty good from the rough terrain. We stopped once on the way up for a few quick pics just off Hangover Trail. From there is was on up to Merry Go Round Rock. Upon arriving we came up on a wedding that was just finishing up. Whew! Fortune smiled on us as they were done, leaving us with the whole area to ourselves. We grabbed several shots at sunset with overcast skies. It gave an awesome moody look to the images. What a trip! Big thanks to Brian and Meilani for gutting out weather, wind, and bumpy roads for their Sedona engagement session. Can’t wait for their November wedding at Las Sendas!

Below you will find a few of my favorite images from the shoot!

Sedona engagement session at Schnebly Hill Road.

Couple posing in front of red rocks of Sedona.

Couple kissing in Sedona AZ for their engagement session.

Couple holding hands on Hangover Trail in Sedona AZ.

Engaged couple holding hands on Hangover Trail Sedona AZ.

Sedona engagement session couple staring at each other on Hangover Trail.

Sunset at Merry Go Round Rock in Sedona for an engagement session.

Couple standing on Merry Go Round Rock.

Engaged couple standing on edge of Merry Go Round Rock Sedona AZ.

Engaged couple kissing on edge of Merry Go Round Rock in Sedona AZ.


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